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Domestic skylight products

Lack of sunlight in your home can cause damp issues which, in the long run, can lead to health problems. When building a new home, you need to make sure your architect understands your needs and expectations. Our skylight products, combined with natural light, are a welcoming gift that creates great natural and uplifting energy.
Whether you’re in the process of building a new home or are about to start a renovation project, our skylight products offer home owners an affordable solution to letting natural light in. Redcliffe Skylites adds the comfort you’ve always sought when creating your dream home.

Home owner skylight products

Corrugated roofs

We help those of you with corrugated roofs take advantage of Mother Nature’s free resource.

Circular skylights

Exceptionally strong due to their circular design, our round skylights add contemporary style to any home.

Tile roofs

Specifically designed for homes with tile roofs, our tile skylight is perfect in appearance.


Ideal for access to roof top gardens and lounges and suited to various roof profiles, our Skyhatch skylight and all metal hatch offers natural lighting.

Rib deck roofs

If your home has a rib deck roof or you’re building a new house and are having one installed, our Metal Pan Skylight Series offers multiple advantages. 

To add light and comfort to your home with our skylight products, call us today on 1800 017 226 !

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