Corrugated roof with skylight and blue tint

Energy-saving corrugated skylights in Queensland and beyond

If you have a corrugated roof, we at Redcliffe Skylites can help you take advantage of Mother Nature’s free resource. Sunlight offers 100% natural light, ventilation and, when combined with our corrugated skylights, energy-saving benefits.

Corrugated Skylight

Our Corrugated Skylights are fully flashed and preset in a corrugated galvanised iron or Zincalume sheet for ease of installation into corrugated roofs. The skylight incorporates a soaker tray with capped and sealed corrugations around the skylight, making our corrugated skylights suitable for commercial and domestic situations.


Corralite is a fully pan-flashed skylight for ease of installation into corrugated roofs that incorporate a built-in soaker tray and flashings. Suitable for both commercial and domestic situations, these corrugated skylights fit all corrugated roof profiles.


The Redcliffe Skylite corrugated skylight series comes with a range of advantages and benefits including:
  • Natural lighting
  • Energy saver
  • Easy installation
  • Robust design
  • Weatherproof
  • Low silhouette
  • Generous vent areas
  • Guaranteed ventilation and light areas to suit kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and laundries
  • 10 year warranty on workmanship

Dome Types

Our domed corrugated skylights are available in square, rectangular or circular profiles in a range of 3mm high impact acrylics or polycarbonate with either opal, clear or tinted finishes.


Corrugated skylight bases are manufactured from 0.8mm Zincalume or galvanised iron, and for highly corrosive areas, units can be manufactured in stainless steel. Our skylight bases can be painted or powder-coated to suit most roof colours.


Skylights require little maintenance and are easily cleaned with sudsy water and a soft cloth. Redcliffe Skylites also recommends regularly clearing the base of your corrugated skylights of foliage and rubbish.

For installation advice on our energy saving corrugated skylights, call us on 1800 017 226 today! 

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