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Depending on your viewpoint, everyone or no-one owns the sun, which means we all get to reap its benefits at no cost. You can light up your home or business premises with a combination of a cloudless sky and a skylight from Redcliffe Skylites.
Our professional and specialist team can design, build and supply an extensive range of skylights to suit your homes, offices, units, commercial buildings and workshops in Queensland and beyond.

Creators of healthy environments

When you ask people how they imagine their dream home or work premises, most respond saying they want a spacious and light-filled environment. As experienced skylight manufacturers, we can design and supply skylights that are tailored to your exact ventilation and light requirements.
No one wants to live or work in dark and gloomy rooms, so we aim to help you to create a bright environment. Whether you have a kitchen darkened by an extension or windowless hallways, our skylights offer an affordable and effective solution to your problems.
In addition to being highly reputable skylight manufacturers, Redcliffe Skylites carries out precision sheet metal work, stainless steel fabrication and MIG and TIG welding in both aluminium and stainless steel. 

Quality assured

Skylights manufactured by Redcliffe Skylites have been tested and passed by the Queensland Institute of Technology as per Australian Standard AS 2424-1981 Appendix “B” and approved by the Division of Occupational Safety. 


Redcliffe Skylites reserves the right to improve or modify any products at this time. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the installation of our skylight products meets the requirements of local and state authorities.

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